10 Theaters with Frequent Ghost Sightings

Every true theater lover KNOWS that spirits thrive in our historic theaters and many of them have welcomed our presence through those fabulous orbs we capture in our photos.  Nice to see Budget Travel getting on board with their latest newsletter feature.


Do YOU agree with their Top Ten selections?  Where have YOU seen/heard/experienced a ghostly encounter?


  1. During my time at Geneva NY’s Smith Opera House, I learned that it is full of unseen but very heard residents and I was merely a guest in THEIR house. One evening, while alone in the theater, i heard very distinct footsteps walking across the stage but behind the curtain. When i called out, the steps stopped briefly, there was a distinct scuffing sound, as if someone was turning on the ball of their foot, and then the steps retreated.

    On another occasion, I was in my office on the Mezzanine level with the Executive Director, preparing the box office receipts from the evening’s show. There was no one else in the theater. We were startled by an extremely loud scrapping sound, as if someone were dragging a heavy metal object across a cement floor – which went on for perhaps 30 long seconds. (Not that there was a cement floor anywhere in our hearing range.) We looked at each other with wide eyes, then laughed and agreed that it would be best if we continued the tally in his office, in a storefront adjacent to the theater!

  2. Gary Parks

    Several of us who were involved with the Golden State Theatre in Monterey over the years heard plenty of stories of visual sightings, areas of cold air, footsteps onstage, projection booth windows flying open, film being flung from the platters, etc. Others of us had actual encounters of various kinds, like those listed above. While several spirits have been said to dwell in the theatre, including a little girl and a young woman, the most widely sensed–even seen–entity would seem to be Mark Keller, the first Manager of the theatre, who apparently loved his job, but had an unhappy life, otherwise. I will relate my one possible meeting with him–at least I think it was him. In about 2004, I was restoring the original painted geometric patterns in the ornamental niches in the hallways leading from the Mezzanine Promenade to the Balcony. The new owner of the theatre had asked us to photograph any restoration work we did, taking Before, During, and After shots. I had his camera with me as I was working, for exactly this purpose. All the other guys working at the theatre broke for Lunch, and I said I would join up with a couple of them as soon as I finished my immediate task, so I was then alone in the theatre. While finishing up whatever small task it was, I suddenly got a feeling that someone was standing behind me, to my Right, watching what I was doing, with interest. So I turned in the direction of the feeling, and said a polite, “Hello.” Then, it occurred to me I had the camera. I picked it up, and shot a photo of the hallway in the exact direction of the feeling I’d sensed. I looked at the screen on the camera, and there was a nice photo of the hallway, with a large, luminous YELLOW orb, more or less in the center of the photo. I don’t have the photo, as it was taken with someone else’s camera, or else I’d post it here.

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