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General Conclave

The Theatre Historical Society of America exists to encourage and insure the acquisition, maintenance, preservation and publication of historic documents, photographs, artifacts and other information related to American theatre architecture and history, and to encourage the preservation and use of historic American theatres.

The Society generally defines a historic theatre as one which has played a role in the history of the community where located or in the history of the American theatre, and/or meets the guidelines for eligibility on the State or National Register of Historic Places.

The objectives of the Society shall be:

  • to serve individuals and organizations interested in the history of theatres in
    the United States;
  • to serve the common needs of the membership; to disseminate information relative to the interests of the Society;
  • to encourage and promote study of the history of American theatres;
  • to bring about greater recognition of theatre architecture and decoration;
  • to enable its members and friends to meet with people associated with the design, construction, and operation of theatres;
  • to be an advocate and practical resource for the preservation and productive operation of historic American theatres;
  • to encourage the interaction of experienced and capable personnel to assist historic theatres with common problems of preservation, maintenance, operations and research through the use of its archives;
  • to identify and document historic American theatres and conduct, support, and/or disseminate research about historic American theatres, increase public awareness and appreciation of all historic American theatres and maintain an archive of all historic American theatres.

The Society’s interest shall include all buildings designed or primarily and regularly used for the exhibition of motion picture or stage presentations and the equipment related to those buildings. All periods of American theatre design and construction shall be considered to have equal historic interest. Topics related to theatre buildings, their equipment and their operation (e.g. architects, stage and equipment designers, decorators, owners, builders, managers and front-of-house and backstage staff) shall be included in the Society’s area of historical interest.

Playwrights, performers, producers, motion pictures, musicians, etc., may be of interest only as they relate directly to the physical object and/or operation of the theatre and shall be considered peripheral to the Society’s field of interest.

Click here for the THS Bylaws.