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With thanks to THS Member JIM LUZINSKI:


Supervisor Eric Mar held a neighborhood meeting meeting Wednesday at the YMCA across the street from the shuttered Alexandria Theatre to provide an update on the long-stalled project proposed for the Alexandria site. The good news is that the current plans still call for the historic Alexandria Theatre (Reid Brothers, 1923) to be largely preserved with most of the building’s historic elements being saved. The developer has also committed to retaining a 200+ seat theatre in the building. The bad news is that there still isn’t a definitive vision for the building in terms of tenants or design details. The Theater Foundation has long advocated for preservation of the Alexandria building and of its many significant historic interior elements. We would also like to see a continued entertainment use within the building that enables the public to continue to enjoy as much of the Alexandria as possible as a quasi-public space. We are encouraged by the developer’s continued willingness to work with the community on their project and are hopeful that as plans develop a compelling project will emerge. We will stay involved and will provide updates as new information becomes available. For more details about the meeting visit

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  1. Dave PLomin

    I remember taking pictures of this theater when I visited San Francisco in 2006. Your heading had me confused. It says: Alexandria Theater/Alexandria, Virginia. Hope they can renovate this building proudly!

  2. David Peredia

    This theater “IS IN SAN FRANICSCO” and not in
    Alexandria, Va. I went to see the epic movie “Cleopatra” with Richard and Liz Taylor there when I was in high school. It was very impressive at
    that time. Hope all comes out well.

  3. Gary Parks

    Uh, yes. This is in San Francisco–one of only two theatres I know of in the country with this name. The other is indeed in VA. I am attending the public meetings about this theatre, lending–where I can–my knowledge and design input in both the realms of historic theatres and Egyptian Revival architecture. Another meeting will be taking place Thursday, April 29, at 6pm–Richmond Rec Center, 251 18th Avenue, SF. A public walkthrough of the theatre is also planned at a still later date. I am going to try to investigate some spots where fragments of the original Egyptian decor of the interior are hidden.

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