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Since our inception in 1969, THS has sought to document and celebrate the history of America’s theatres. Since that time, we’ve amassed records on over 16,000 theatres in America that include collections like the Balaban & Katz Collection (which includes several thousand blueprints), the Chicago Architectural Photographing Company Collection (which includes over 1,400 images of nearly 300 theatres), the Loew’s Collection (with over 2,000 photographs of Loew’s theatres) and the Ben M. Hall Collection (the personal collection of our late founder and the author of The Best Remaining Seats) that are one of a kind.

These collections have been preserved to be shared with researchers, students, architects, preservationists and enthusiasts alike and we want to make sure it is as easy as possible for them to do so.

In addition to actively digitizing our collection, we’ve recently revised our fee schedule for those who are interested in accessing the materials in our collections.

Changes of note include:

-Students using reproductions for thesis or dissertations will not be charged if a copy of the final work is provided to the Theatre Historical Society of America’s Archives.
-Theatre Historical Society of America Members receive free photocopying onsite, waived research fees, and 50% discount on reproductions.
-Bulk pricing is available when purchasing reproductions of more than 3 images. Email the Archives Director with questions about bulk pricing.

Please view the entire fee schedule online for questions and further changes.

Have questions? Email the Archives Director.

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Did you know? Membership dues at all levels help support the ongoing preservation and cataloging of the collections in the American Theatre Architecture Archive. Join today and support THS.



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