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Marquee™ (ISSN 0025-3928) and the Annual (ISSN 0885-3940) are the flagship publications of the Theatre Historical Society of America, Inc.

About Marquee™ & the Annual
THS produces two publications yearly, Marquee™ a quarterly journal which has been published continuously since 1969 and the Annual, published since 1973. Authors and contributors are members of our organization and because of their vast interests in the field, each edition is a specially curated journey through theatre history. Our publications serve as primary vehicles for showcasing materials from our collections. A year’s subscription is a benefit of membership in THS.

Recent issues have featured:
• The revitalization of the 4th Street Theatre in Moberly, MO
• The cultural history of Pittsburgh, PA

Click here to download a preview of the 2014 Third Quarter Edition.


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Contact the Managing Editor, Holly Berecz.

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