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Jeffrey Weiss
Jeffrey Weiss

The Jeffrey Weiss Award for Theatre History Writing was inaugurated in 1984 by Mr. and Mrs. Elias Weiss of New York to honor and perpetuate the memory of their son Jeffrey, who had a lifelong interest in theatres and was a member of THS from 1974 until his death in 1982.

The competition is intended to encourage interest in research and writing on historic theatres and to provide additional content for Marquee®, the quarterly journal of the Society. Certificates and monetary prizes are awarded for the winning entries.

Submissions should represent an original, comprehensive effort in research and documentation of some aspect of theatre history, detail description or architecture, relevant to THS’s interest, as defined in its by-laws:

(Article III): The Society’s interest shall include all buildings in the United States used for the exhibition of motion picture or stage presentations, and the equipment related to those buildings. All periods of theatre design and construction shall be considered to have equal historic interest.

Topics related to theatre buildings, their equipment and their operation (e.g., architects, stage and equipment designers, decorators, owners, builders, managers, and front-of-house and backstage staff) shall be included in the Society’s area of historical interest.

Playwrights, performers, producers, motion pictures, musicians, etc. may be of interest only as they relate directly to the physical object and/or operation of the theatre and shall otherwise be considered peripheral to the Society’s field of interest.

For more information or questions, contact Rick Fosbrink, Executive Director.

To view full application requirements, click here.
To apply online, click here.

Application deadline: December 31st for the following year’s award.