Auburn (NY) Schine Theater – JOIN THE MOVEMENT on Facebook!

Constantly on the ropes, but consistently battling back, the AUBURN SCHINE THEATER is the hardest fighting historic theater of all time!  Locals have, once again, launched an all out assault to get the theater into responsible hands with proactive leadership.  The theater’s champions are demanding that this charge leads to the finish line once and for all!

The Center Stage: Restoring the Schine to the Spotlight Facebook page received almost 250 new followers in just 2 days.

You might remember this theater from the 1999 Conclave – so many of you still ask about it.  Join the movement and Facebook It! to keep on top of the latest developments.


  1. Laurel Aucham[augh

    Karen and Todd:

    Thank you so much for posting these newsworthy facts on Facebook.
    I enjoy working with Todd. He is really dedicated in the preservation of the theater.

    Laurel Auchampaugh

  2. Jimmy

    Is it near Seward House,


  3. Thanks for the post… hopefully, this will help lead to the ultimate goal of seeing this beautiful theater restored to its former glory!!

  4. SO glad to see this!!! Thank you!!!

  5. Many thanks to the THS Members and followers of Readerboard who have signed on to the Auburn Schine Theater Facebook page. The conversation is quite LIVELY on the site but it seems like a real momentum is building. There is a new climate in Auburn with the increased emphasis on the arts and a new musical theater festival so…. is the time finally right? Are the right people finally taking a stand and pushing forward? Will the great lady finally see her Grand Re-Opening that so many have worked for?? Stay tuned!!

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