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Dave Hoekstra’s Nocturnal Journal: Preserving Movie Palaces

Listen to Dave Hoekstra’s Independence Day edition of the Nocturnal Journal with a look at the efforts of the Elmhurst-based Theatre Historical Society of America. Executive Director Richard Fosbrink and members Craig Morrison and Dave Syfczak talk about the organization’s … Continued

So Far We Visited 12 Theatres in 2 Days, Including Richmond’s Carpenter Theatre

The Loews Carpenter Theater at 6th and Grace streets in Richmond is a handsome example of movie palace architecture of the 1920s. Designed by the renowned theater architect John Eberson, Loew’s was considered the most up-to-date theater in the South … Continued

Historic Colonial Theatre in Laconia New Hampshire to be Sold

“Thanks to an historic announcement Monday, 2015 will likely be remembered in the City on the Lakes as the year the historic Colonial Theatre was reborn at the age of 101. During a hastily arranged, well-attended ceremony at Wayfarer Coffee … Continued