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Volunteers Make All The Difference at THS!

We have a great roster of volunteers here at THS that are doing invaluable work cataloging, photographing, and indexing some of our many collections. We’d like to take a moment to shine a light on the work they’re doing with … Continued

Announcing: 2014 Outstanding Book of the Year Awardee

The Theatre Historical Society of America (THS) is thrilled to announce the winner of its 2014 Outstanding Book of the Year Award to author David Sechrest for his book “Columbus, Indiana’s Historic Crump Theatre” published in 2013. Awarded yearly, the … Continued

Announcing: Revised Research Fees

Since our inception in 1969, THS has sought to document and celebrate the history of America’s theatres. Since that time, we’ve amassed records on over 16,000 theatres in America that include collections like the Balaban & Katz Collection (which includes … Continued

From the Collections: Improvements in the search functions online

Increasing digital access to primary source research materials is a major initiative for museum and archival institutions today – and we at THS are certainly no different from many other organizations in our efforts to continuously improve our online research … Continued