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Bellefontaine, OH — Newly discovered photos show Holland Theatre before its opening

Newly discovered photos show Holland Theatre before its opening
Written by REUBEN MEES | Examiner.org
February 19, 2013

Bellefontaine, OH — Project to restore ceiling progressing.

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Plans to chip away paint along the upper ends of the Holland Theatre’s main lobby — among other details — have changed significantly after the local community came into several original photos from just before the historic theater opened for business 82 years ago.

Building committee member Myra Failor presented approximately 10 photos to the Holland Theatre board at its Monday evening meeting, which also included discussion on the project to restore the interior ceiling.

Ms. Failor said she learned of the existence of the photos during a conversation with Jessica Scherer, development director for Tiffin’s Ritz Theatre.

An active volunteer there, Joe Bryner, obtained them from a friend who bought them at an auction from the heirs of the original builder Hossler Construction, which also built theaters in Tiffin, Kenton and numerous other locations, Ms. Failor said.

Schine Enterprises, a family company that built and operated about 150 theaters in six states including the Holland, had hired a professional photographer to shoot photos of all their work for a portfolio, Ms. Failor said. Mr. Bryner eventually came into possession of the photos from the theaters around this area and wanted to find suitable homes for them. (To read the full article, click here.)

UPDATE: as of February 22, the project found Asbestos located in ceiling.


Thank you THS President Karen Colizzi Noonan for the link!

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