Corsini (Fowler), Brother Andrew

Brother Andrew Remembered

Today Feb. 8 marks the 95th anniversary of the birth of our founding editor Brother Andrew Corsini Fowler.  John Fowler was born in Chicago in 1916. He grew up on the South side and knew well the Tivoli Theatre and watched the construction of the Southtown.  He entered the Congregation of the Holy Cross (Notre Dame University) in 1941, taking the name Brother Andrew Corsini. While stationed in  Washington, DC. in 1969, Bro. Andrew pestered THS founder Ben Hall into getting THS organized. Andy served as editor of Marquee for 11 years, longer than anyone else.  The nucleus of the THS Archive began arriving at Notre Dame when Andy was stationed there until the order needed the space and things moved to the Chicago area where they remain today. Bro Andrew died Nov. 1, 2003.  He is well remembered and missed by many.

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  1. Regrettfully, I never did meet Bro. Andrew, but have a letter from him that I cherish. I do hope that he would be proud of THS today and think that we have been good stewards of the organization he helped to found.

  2. Jim Kastner

    Brother Andrew was the reason I joined THSA and I did have the pleasure of meeting him at the Ohio Conclave in 1988. Jim Kastner-Pittsburgh, PA

    • Jane Beganski Stadnik

      Jim, Are you the Jimmy Kastner my brother Jim Beganski knew from either St.Peters School or North Catholic High School??? Anyhow, if you are, could you please get in touch with me as my brother Jim wants to write to you or call you. Thank you, Janie

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