CALIFORNIA, Pittsburg, CA — better organ news

(The city acquired the original organ but was going to put HVAC in the organ chambers instead.)



On Tuesday evening (Jan.17th) several concerned individuals met at the
Pittsburg City Council meeting in regards to the California Theatre and
the pipe organ…….at the end of the meeting the Mayor and the City
Manager mentioned that the Robert Morton Pipe Organ would now be a part
of the theatre project and the HVAC units will have to be re-located.   
Tom LaFleur is now heading up a group “Friends of the California
Theatre” to help the City in raising funds for the pipe organ
restoration and installation…..This is a rare project of re-installing
a historic pipe organ back into it’s home.   Thanks for all the inputs
on this matter.
Musically, Dave Moreno


  1. Good Reporting Dave!
    That was the first theatre organ we ever played on, when it was in its second home, The Oakland Neighborhood Church on Mc Arthur Blvd. (we think). Lost track of the Morton when the church moved to Castro Valley. It sounded great in the first church building, however, certain ranks could never be reached for tuning. It was really squeezed in there!
    The late Dr. David Von Rotz, was the gentleman that always let us come in and make noise, he even showed us where the key was hidden. Nice man.

    Keep up the good work. Any Pictures on the inside of The California?

    Chris Carlo
    Robert Chaney

  2. Gary Parks

    I just sent Tom LeFleur an email of congratulation on the victory of keeping the chambers available for the organ.

  3. Gary Parks

    A link to pix of the California, including interior:

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