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NY-NYC-Brk-Loews Kings ext TH 10-119Interested in the Loew’s Kings restoration?

Make sure you visit the the website of Evergreene Architectural Arts, the firm working on the project. Jeff Greene, President and Executive Project manager is also a member of THS!

In the latest blog post from Evergreene, they feature interior photos and a video of how they do Historic Finish Investigations. Click here to visit their blog.


  1. I’m very excited about the Kings project, as it has always been one of my favorites of the really huge behemoths that still stand.
    Evergreen’s web site and portfolio looks astounding and I wish them tons of success on this project!
    I have one concern, or caveot though, and that is in so many of these wonderful resotration projects, the draperies are often left out of the picture. If one lookat at original architectural renderings by the architects themselves, you can often see thier take on how the design should be draped. In other words, the draperies are as much a part of the architecture as the plaster etc.
    The Evergreen photos of the Boston Opera house are fabulous, but I noticed the distinct absence of draperies in the restored lobby. And, as beautiful as the lobby is, it seems lacking without the drapes.
    I can only hope that the Kings project will not overlook this detail and include the softeness and completeness that only draperies can accomplish.

  2. The video provides a nice peek at the “paint archaeology” process (my term).

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