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Chicago, IL — National Media Spotlight to Shine on Uptown This Week — WGN reports on the status and plight of the theatre and district

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National Media Spotlight to Shine on Uptown This Week — WGN reports on the status and plight of the theatre and district

CHICAGO – The now boarded-up doors of the historic Uptown Theatre, 4816 N. Broadway, were closed to the concert-going public in March 1981. Since then, this majestic City landmark has been dark except for occasional special events and for use as a film location.

Built to be the crown jewel of entertainment on Chicago’s North Side, the Uptown’s architects and owners proclaimed it to be “One of the Great Art Buildings of the World” and “An Acre of Seats in a Magic City” when it opened to the public in August of 1925.

Both WGN-TV News [Channel 9] and CLTV-TV News [Cable] are scheduled to dedicate significant time and resources this week in focusing attention on the great potential of both the 4,300-seat Uptown Theatre and the neighborhood nexus of what could be an “Uptown Square” entertainment district.

TUESDAY: Explore the historic Uptown Theatre, Chicago
Join award-winning journalist Randi Belisomo at 9 p.m. Tuesday, May 14, on WGN-TV News as she takes viewers inside the best theatre in Chicago you cannot see. She will explore the Uptown Theatre to share its plight, status and condition. Her report will also share what is being done by its owners and local leaders to help bring the theatre back to life.

WEDNESDAY: Creating a Music District in Uptown, Chicago
Ms. Belisomo digs deeper and shares her report on the City’s concept for an “Uptown Square” Entertainment District at 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 15, on WGN-TV News.

There’s been talk for decades of building up the Uptown Square entertainment district and maximizing its potential for residents, visitors and business owners alike. Now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other local leaders are rolling up their sleeves to perhaps get the job done.

The City’s plans for an Uptown Square entertainment district envision it revolving around the Uptown Theatre while other businesses grow and prosper in tandem. Their combined success would mean more jobs for the region and a stronger tax base.

Without celebration and without any signage, this important business, entertainment and dining destination became a National Register Historic District* very quietly on Nov. 8, 2000. That’s more than 12 years lost without businesses capitalizing on its importance and historic value.

ALSO WEDNESDAY: “Creating a Music District” LIVE!
When will the long-ballyhooed district become a reality? CLTV News explores this question in great detail during a live, half-hour special called “Creating a Music District” beginning at 10 p.m. Wednesday, May 15, on CLTV [Local Cable or Online]. Distinguished guests and important players in Uptown will share their views on this topic live.

Chicago Alderman James Cappleman (46th), Green Mill Cocktail Lounge owner and operator Dave Jemilo, and Uptown Theatre owner Jerry Mickelson will join journalist Randi Belisomo to discuss the City’s plans for an Uptown Square Entertainment District. They will also take viewer questions.
Please tune in to CLTV-TV or watch it live via the live stream on the Web site:

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Later, all of the Uptown-related stories will be posted on the news Web sites of WGN-TV and CLTV-TV

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