The registration brochure for Conclave 2010 will be arriving in your mailbox by the end of the week.  If you want to get a jump on the process, go to our website and register NOW! 

Given the reasonable hotel rates, the number of first time theaters we will see and the general laid back pace of a Mid-West conclave, we know we’ll fill up fast – so don’t be disappointed. 

Let us know YOUR thoughts on Hoosier Heartland 2010 and which theaters you are most interested in seeing in our “Comments” section below.

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  1. Guys! It would be the underststement of the century to say that attendences at conventions of THSA and ATOS have dropped alarmingly over the past few years. 9/11 started the rot? Maybe, but some of us just keep solderig on regardless. Of course it is ideal to have conventios back to back and hopefully not to0 far apart to allow those who want to attend both to do so.
    If they happen to be opposite sides of the coutry, too bad, we can’t have it all our own way. In 2003, ATOS was in LA or near there, but in over lapping with THSA in their CHICAGO conclave, meant missing TWO days of the combined events due to a day lost in travelling from one to the other!
    I don’t atttend these conventions every year, but this year, it has happened again! The last day of the THSA conclave is June 27. The first day of the ATOS covention is June 28! So one must lose a day from either party to get across half of this vast land! Do you both liase to try and avoid htis happening, or maybe with artists and venues not always able to match up – – -? I appreciate the work that you volanteers put in; the line up this year is excellent as always , I am looking forward tos great time. Publicity wise, ATOS should be congratulated on their excellent promotional video . Now, if I could make a wish, more conventions back to back like has happend in LA followed by San Francisco a few years ago; or more recently LA and Pasadena!
    By te way,where is the world’s most unplayed Wulitzer? In the Regent Theatre in Melbourne! (The ex Paramount/ Granada instrument.) Long runs with shows lke Lion KIng and Wicked, yes, but an intransigent management who demand normal theatre hiring rates to put on a concert – $15,000 ???
    Take a look at my web page, I have ‘lived’ with the theatre since I could walk. I cried when it was guttedby fire in 1945.
    I still mourn the loss of (arguably) the greatest movie palace of all, the San Fancisco Fox I saw it just three months before it closed.
    Roll o n June – when I wil also be able to celebrate my birthday in style for a change.

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