Count Basie Commemorative Book: We Need Your Photos!

photostackforbookWe are compiling pictures and memorabilia from real Basie goers and loyal fans to contribute to our upcoming Count Basie Theatre commemorative book. We are specifically looking for materials from our lost years. Help us revive our memories from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. We want to capture what the theatre has meant to the community and all those who have been in attendance over the years. Don’t forget, we opened as Reade’s Carlton Theatre in 1926 and went by the Monmouth Arts Center under new ownership in 1974!


  • photographs
  • newspaper clippings
  • articles
  • advertisements
  • posters
  • ticket stubs
  • playbills
  • merchandise
  • …or any other theatre memorabilia that you’ve held on to throughout the years!

Please, dig through your archives and uncover a piece of the Basie’s history. No picture or paraphernalia is too insignificant. A brief description of the date/time and your experience would make your item even more special. Photo credit for your submission will be given.You can even provide us with some potent quotables. Give us a few sentences of what the Basie means to you or tell us about a particular show that has stuck with you.


  • Have you been on stage at the Basie? Tell us what it was like. Where has your journey taken you after your exit?
  • Have you had the privilege of working for the Basie? Tell us how it changed your life.
  • Have a love story set at the Count Basie Theatre? Was this one of the first dates you’ve been on? Is this where you meet your significant other? Let us know!
  • Has the Basie become a family tradition? How so?
  • What is your earliest memory of the theatre? What made it special?
  • Has a particular performance changed something about you? Did seeing a certain show change your tastes?


Preferred method of photo submission is electronic. Scan your piece of history and send it in!

All entries will become permanent parts of Count Basie Theatre history; any scans submitted will be kept.

Please e-mail your submissions to marketing

Or mail or drop off your submissions to:

Count Basie Theatre

99 Monmouth St

Red Bank, NJ 07701

For more information on submitting materials call 732-224-8778.



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