Demolition of Star Thr/NYC in 1902

Thanks to TOM DELAY for this fascinating look at a theater demolition in 1902.  This YouTube link shows the demolition of the Star Theater in New York City.   I wonder if it became a parking lot?!

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  1. Craig Morrison

    The Star, originally Wallack’s, Theatre was located at the northeast corner of Broadway and 13th Street. After its demolition it was replaced by an office/loft building. This, in turn, was replaced by – – – a multi-cinema!

    No parking lots in this picture!

  2. NYC member JOE ROSENBERG shared these additional thoughts on the STAR. Thanks Joe!

    The Star Theatre was located at 13 and Broadway.

    Judging from the location of the theatre and the passage of the trolley cars in the wonderful video you sent, The theatre seems to have been located on the NE corner, which ironically is the site of today’s United Artists Union Square Stadium 14.

    Nearby on 14 St. was the Union Square Theatre which was built in the 1880s, closed after the depression, but wasn’t demolished until perhaps 10 years ago. The building in which the United Artists theatre is located was the culprit responsible for the demolition of the Union Square Theatre.

    Also near the Star Theatre (not far from the Union Square Theatre) was Luchow’s restaurant (where Dolly makes her grand entrance) on 14 Street between Broadway and Third Avenue. The Star Theatre, Luchow’s, and the Union Square Theatre were at the center of the Theatre District before it moved northward to Broadway between 23 and 34 St.

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