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Demolition permit sought for Palladium [Worcester, Mass.]

Note: This theatre opened as the Plymouth Theatre.  It was later renamed the E.M. Loew Center for the Performing Arts before changing again to the Palladium.


The owners of the Palladium building said the recent hike in their property tax bill is making it extremely difficult to financially operate the structure and added that they are thinking about demolishing the north Main Street entertainment venue.

John Fischer and John Sousa, the owners, have asked the Worcester Historical Commission to grant a waiver that would allow them to raze the landmark four-story building, which, over the past few years, has been the local home to heavy metal and other youth-oriented musical acts.

“I’d rather not demolish the building, but the taxes have tripled and that’s caused us some serious problems,” said Mr. Sousa, a local lawyer.

The Palladium’s owners are seeking a waiver to Worcester’s demolition delay ordinance, which requires a 12-month wait before a historic structure can be razed. The purpose of the ordinance is to allow for some time for owners to explore alternatives to demolition.

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  1. Gary Parks

    Once again, a city making it hard for people to run a business downtown…and then they wonder why more people won’t take business risks in the downtown districts. You don’t hear of huge tax hikes like this in the suburbs!

  2. Dave Pagliaro

    Visited the Palladium several months ago to watch my 16 year old son play trumpet with his band in a rock competition. I am from Providence, RI, so have benefited from seeing performances at our beautiful Providence Performance Arts Center. Luckily, someone had the vision and energy to lead the drive to save this grand building from demolition in the 70’s.
    I hope someone in the Worcester political and arts community have the vision to safe “your diamond in the ruff”.

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