Diner Lovers Rejoyce!

Historic theater lovers are frequently fans of other historic interests:  railroads, carousels, coasters and of course diners.  Here’s some news from RANDY GARBIN – one of America’s foremost authorities on the true diner experience.  (Just a note, should you wish to pick up one of Randy’s books on Amazon.com, please use the THS Link located on our website to do so. )

Randy Garbin launches Diners of Maryland project

Further continuing the exploration of America’s diners, Randy Garbin announces that he’s signed on to write Diners of Maryland for Stackpole Books. With Diners of New England now in its second printing, and now living closer to the topic, Randy looks to visit, document, and unearth the best places to eat in “Old Line State.”

dneAvailable on Amazon.

Diners of New England followed on the success of Stackpole’s first in the diner series, Diners of Pennsylvania by Brian Butko published in 1998. The series has since gone on to include New York and soon New Jersey as well.

Diners of Maryland will also include Delaware and the District of Columbia, and will devote a full chapter to the making of Barry Levinson’s seminal diner movie experience, “Diner,” shot in Baltimore and based on his life growing up in that city.

“Maryland doesn’t have anywhere near the numbers of diners found in New York or Jersey,” says Randy about this new project,” but it has some great diner stories.”

For instance, Maryland boasts three successful chains of diners — an anomaly in an industry that rarely sees such developments.

Randy looks to have the new book in readers’ hands sometime in 2013. In the meantime, you can still get copies of Diners of New England, an exploration of that region’s 400-plus diners.


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