John Eberson's Palace in Gary, Indiana

Eberson’s Palace, Gary, Indiana in ruins

John Eberson's Palace in Gary, Indiana

Hard times in Gary, hard times for theatre

Since the steel industry took a nosedive, Gary, Indiana, which was founded by U.S. Steel, has seen hard times. Here’s a link to a Facebook page with recent photos of  the John Eberson designed Palace Theatre there.  Its been standing open to the elements for years. The photographer is very brave. When this writer and Joe DuciBella were there 10 years ago it was a haven for drug users and there were hypodermic needles all over the floor. Some of the light fixtures are now at the York Theatre, Elmhurst, Illinois, home to THS HQ. Some years ago Chicago THS member Jim Indreika took photos there. Fellow member Perry Lammers had his back.


  1. I had to jump out of the way of falling plaster while I was photographing the Palace Theatre. It’s very sad that this theater is in such bad condition.

  2. Spent many an enjoyable hour/day at the Palace, and surrounding downtown Gary environs in my youth. Yes, it is sad to see what passes for downtown Gary today.

    This site provides a good look at the Gary that was –
    Gary Site

  3. Kyle

    The facebook page has great then and now photos information and people posting great stuff!

  4. Gary has a rich history and buildings like the Palace must be saved! To think Chicago actually mirrored itself off of Gary at one point in time.

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