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Is this your first Conclave Theatre Tour, or are you a long-time attendee looking to brush up? Here are the THS tips for making this upcoming Conclave your best!

Dress for tour days is casual.
Comfortable walking shoes are a must for the week. Make sure to bring a light jacket or sweater for the deeply chilled air conditioned theatres we’ll visit. We also recommend a small umbrella this year.

Time in each theater.
We will spend around 55 minutes at each theatre, with around 35 spent at theatres that are currently in renovations or under construction. When we arrive at each venue, we’ll be greeted by our host theatre and treated to a brief introduction to the building’s history. The rest of the time will be free to explore the building on guided and self-guided tours.

Bring your camera.
With unprecedented access to buildings, this is the perfect time to take photos for your own collection. Cameras are encouraged, and you won’t be the only one with a tripod or monopod.

Receptions and evening activities.
When it comes to evening activities and receptions, some people like to dress to the nines, and some like to keep it business casual, but in general, we do like a “sharp looking” crowd. Just make sure you’re comfortable. For both receptions, please note that cash bars will be available.

Accessibility Issues
We cannot guarantee that all the theatres we visit will be accessible to those with mobility issues. Individual theatres may be inaccessible due to construction, renovations in progress and/or due to the nature of historically built structures. The tour consists of a combination of walking (.5 miles or less) and motorcoach transport. If you think this may cause a problem for you, please contact us before registering.

2016 Conclave location.
Join us in Chicago for Conclave Theatre Tour 2016!

The Official schedule.
We’ll update the official schedule at along the way. Please note that things can change up until we arrive for Conclave, but we try to let everyone know if major changes occur.

Conclave Group Photo.
We always take a group photo at Conclave Theatre Tour and we’ll let you know what venue it will be at in the pocket schedule. Once it’s taken, we’ll upload it to Flickr for you to purchase directly.

Have additional questions?
Feel free to email us, or call us at the office. We’re here to help! or 630-782-1800