Facebook It! “The Brotherhood of the Popcorn”

Follow THE CLIFFHANGERS! A group of guys meet in Hollywood for over 30 years to watch & celebrate classic films. A Documentary (IN PRODUCTION) directed by Inda Reid, Projected to Premiere 7/2013.

Woody Wise, president and founder of the CLIFFHANGER’s Club (and long-time THS Member) allowed filmmakers Inda Reid and Vanessa Chidsey to come to the clubs bi-weekly meetings to film their activities.


For over 30 years, Woody and the Cliffhangers meet to watch a double-feature (with a break between the features to watch a cliffhanger serial) and also to have lunch.
They talk about everything under the sun: movies, family, wives, stars, surgeries, their health, their diet, their entertainment, their retirements, their kids, their pets, their lives, their loves (and although the rules state that one cannot talk about religion or politics) they end up talking about that, too. Their unique personalities, and individual life stories are just as interesting as the movies they watch . . .

We hope you will join us in the support of this special film that celebrates tradition, friendship, nostalgia and films ~ The good ole’ fashion way, with some good ole’ fashioned gentlemen.

They definitely don’t make ’em like they used to!

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