Friends of the Boyd Special Update

CARRIE RICKEY mentions her hopes for the Boyd Theatre in her farewell column today in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer, after 25 years of being a full time movie critic.

I was startled to see my name in her column, but was pleased to see favorite theaters and their leaders mentioned:

“Howard Haas has led a valiant fight to save the historic Boyd in Center City. May he prevail like Juliet Goodfriend, executive director of the Bryn Mawr, John Toner, executive director of Renew Theaters, which operates both the Ambler and the County in Doylestown, and the Jenkintownians who support the Hiway.”

Many of you will recall that Carrie Rickey introduced “The Show Off” (1926) in 2003 when we screened that silent film at International House as the first of our six Philadelphia themed film events. She was happy to join us, and was happy to often mention our cause in the Inquirer.

In the 1990’s, Carrie wrote landmark articles about threats to close the Boyd (then known as the Sameric) and the closing of the neighboring movie palace which become a drugstore. We have always had on our website a quote from her, from a 1990 Inquirer article:

“The argument might be framed this: If movies are artifacts to be cherished and preserved, they require a grand museum or symphony-hall setting.”

Today, Carrie Rickey wrote:

“If I could be granted one wish, it would be to see a big-screen theater in the city’s core where Philadelphians could watch classic movies larger than life, the way they were meant to be seen.”

Indeed. From 1928 to 2002, the public enjoyed the Boyd Theatre’s Chestnut Street presence including the outdoor courtyard, its marquee and ticket booth, its spacious and gorgeous lobbies and foyers, and its spectacular huge auditorium. We must ensure the public again experience a movie, as well as live events, in a genuine 1920s movie palace, one that has hosted numerous movie premieres and countless Hollywood stars. The Boyd Theatre must emerge fully restored and reopened from yet another of its darkest hours.

GOOD WISHES from Friends of the Boyd to Carrie Rickey for her future endeavors!

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Howard B. Haas

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