Friends of the Boyd Weekly Update

(1) Ever since Friends of the Boyd organized, we have always been concerned
that intruders could damage the Boyd, or acting for property owners or not,
anyone might attempt to gut the theater. At this time, nobody has been
authorized by Philadelphia’s Licenses & Inspections to start any
renovations. As we have asked you many times, please call and email me
immediately and call the police if you see any such activity.

(2) If we have your correct mailing address, you should be receiving our
annual letter. The overnight security that we pay for has successfully
safeguarded the Boyd Theatre, but we cannot continue it without your
generous donation! Prior to retaining security, there were break-ins, real
problems, and an imminent threat to the survival of the Philadelphia’s last
premiere movie palace. We’ve made a huge difference and depend upon your
help during this interim period while we work together with others to ensure
the Boyd will be fully restored and reopened.

Friends of the Boyd are an all volunteer organization. We do not pay
ourselves, but we must pay the security company.

Please donate generously via the mailing you have received or online by our
PayPal option

For those who donate one hundred dollars, we hope you like the new
classification of “Citizen Activist for Boyd security.” That’s who we all
are! Thank you for your support.

Howard B. Haas

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  1. Joan Lengyel

    In just principal alone a contribution is to be made. The “Boyd” has legal representation leading the fight so contributions are necessary, they know what they are doing.

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