Friends of the Boyd Weekly Update, visiting Bradford

In addition to sharing yesterday’s Weekly Update, Howard notes that the Cinerama docu referred to below was shown on the bus at the Philadelphia Conclave, and that he will (within a week or so) write of other cinemas seen, with some links to photos of various cinemas.


I am pleased to report that this past Saturday that I finally had the
experience of enjoying “This is Cinerama.” After many people acquired
televisions in the early 1950s, people stayed home and watched TV and many
movie theaters closed. The Boyd Theatre was saved in 1953 because it became
the exclusive regional venue for the adventure movie known as “This is
Cinerama.” Presented on new huge, curved, wider screens, and with amazing
sound, “This is Cinerara” became very popular.

(On my own, not with FOB funds) I saw on Saturday, an original print at the
Pictureville cinema at the National Media Museum in Bradford, England, on
the curved 53 feet wide screen.

Because 3 projection booths and a special screen are required, very few
movie theaters in the world are now able to showcase Cinerama films. The
print that I saw had somewhat faded panels on the left and right, and a line
visible between the three panels, but was still incredible to see. A recent
documentary explains that filmmakers risked their lives to fly in low flying
planes to obtain some of the scenes.

From 1953 to 1955, about 750,000 people saw “This is Cinerama” at the Boyd,
including some of you. Six more Cinerama films were shown until the early

I’ve returned now to Philadelphia, and to our volunteer work to ensure the
Boyd’s rehab and reopening.

Howard B. Haas

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  1. Howard,
    Many thanks for the link to Pictureville and their Cinerama installation. Do you know if they run Cinerama continuously? Have you seen the Seattle and L. A. installations? They have much bigger screens than Pictureville…and much more leg-room between seats.
    Don Bohatka, Midwest Director
    Theatre Historical Society

  2. HowardBHaas

    Hi, Don. Bradford usually shows “This is Cinerama” 1st Saturday of each month & often at Wide Screen Weekend which is in March (which really showcases 70mm films). They also sometimes run original print of “How the West is Won”

    I’ve seen various new movies at Hollywood’s Cinerama Dome. I’ve never been to Seattle. The problem is LA doesn’t give much advance scheduling for the rare screenings so I can’t book air & hotel, much less accomodate my work. The Cinerama Dome’s screen is much bigger than Bradford.

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