Friends of the Boyd Weekly Update

From Philadelphia, which has had 3 snow blizzards this winter and where it is snowing yet again today, Howard B. Haas wishes to share Friends of the Boyd Weekly Update:
(1) I have had the pleasure of meeting with Bill Wheeler of ARCWheeler. We spent some time going over the details of the Boyd project. I am pleased to report that the firm is more committed than ever to realize Hal Wheeler’s dream of a development centered around a revitalized Boyd Theatre. They are continuing Hal’s efforts to acquire, fully restore, and reopen the closed movie palace.

(2) Shawn Evans, AIA, of Atkin Olshin Schade Architects, and I presented our Friends of the Boyd Powerpoint slide show at the University of Pennsylvania yesterday to a freshman critical writing seminar on historic preservation, taught by Jessica Lautin. Shawn updated the slide show with renderings of the proposed hotel that would be adjacent to the Boyd and would enhance the functions that would be held at the movie palace once it is restored and reopened. Thanks to Shawn who created the Powerpoint slide show in 2002 and has continuously updated it, and to Jessica for the invite. The students asked great questions. One student asked whether it is easier to garner support in Philadelphia for preserving an 18th Century building? It is easier, but 20th Century landmarks are also an important feature of our history.

(3) Some of you have expressed concerns about the snow and ice. We reminded Live Nation of the need to clean the Boyd sidewalks after the snowfall. On Friday, February 12, they cleaned the Chestnut Street sidewalk. Yes, we know people want Sansom Street cleaned. People asked us who is responsible for the sidewalk of the closed Pearl restaurant at 1904 Chestnut? Little Pete’s continues as the owner.

(4) Enjoy this Feb 5 article about the fellow who found a stripped down movie palace awaiting demolition, when he searched for a lecture hall. His advocacy resulted in the restoration of four movie palaces in Cleveland and a return to vibrancy of Playhouse Square!

Howard B. Haas

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