From LA Curbed: Touring Broadway’s Last Great Movie Palace: the Los Angeles

Admittedly late, but a great post from LA Curbed about the mid-February Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation benefit. As always, many accolades to Hillsman Wright for placing the historic theatres at the forefront of people’s minds.

Touring Broadway’s Last Great Movie Palace: the Los Angeles
By Adrian Glick Kudler | Published by, from CURBED INSIDE
February 14, 2013

“This past weekend, Cinespia hosted a screening of Romeo + Juliet at the seriously over-the-top Los Angeles Theatre on Broadway–the event was a benefit for the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation and the group’s head, theater genius Hillsman Wright, gave Curbed a tour of the old movie palace before the screening (do see above for the mindblowing photos). The Los Angeles opened in 1931 with the premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights; it was perhaps the last really opulent old-fashioned movie palace built on Broadway; by then, the Depression was in full swing and the dominant style had become Art Deco anyway. Its development is a little complicated: the Broadway-to-Hill site was leased by William Fox from a family called the Nortons and the theater was developed by independent exhibitor HL Gumbiner, who wanted to stick it to the studios that owned most of the theaters back then. He hired S. Charles Lee (of the Tower Theatre) to design the theater, but the lead architect was listed as S. Tilden Norton (heir to the family that owned the site). Norton had a couple of clever moneymaking ideas: he recommended that they build the Fox office building on the Hill Street side of the lot and make the Los Angeles’s lobby especially narrow to accommodate retail on both sides (now jewelry stores)….
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And for the historic perspective of the Los Angeles, click on the images below:

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