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The Michael Miller Collection includes 35mm slides, 3.5×5” photographs, 35mm negatives, and a card catalog index of New York City Theatres. The slides and photographs cover the United States, but are primarily New York City and the surrounding areas.

Michael Miller (1947-1993) lived in New York City and was an attorney who worked as vice-president of New York City Municipal Hospitals. Michael was also a skilled photographer and theatre enthusiast. Upon his death his collection came to Theatre Historical Society.

The slides (approx 8,000) are organized by state-city-theatre name and numbered with an alpha-numeric code. Many of the slides also have date notations and/or a very brief description of the view. A majority of the collection is original color slides taken by Michael Miller, however some are copy stand views of vintage photographs. The photographs (approx 1,100) are primarily 3.5×5” color snapshots organized by state-city-theatre name. The 35mm negatives correspond with the snapshots, but contain additional views which are not found in print form. The bulk of the card catalog database is organized by Borough-Street name-Address (5 drawers), but there is also an alphabetical theatre name index (1 drawer). The theatre cards contain varying information, but may include the address, opening and closing date(s), renovation date(s), demolition dates, type of organ, architect, and number of seats.

A typed index of the slides is available in the Archives. A finding aid for the collection is in development.

In honor of American Archives Month I will be highlighting collections from the Archive throughout the month. The purpose is to spread the word about the Archives and to the types of collections to be found in the Archives.

–Kathy McLeister, MLIS

THS Archive Director

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  1. Gary Lee Parks

    This is a great idea, Kathy. Thanks for doing this.

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