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Fullerton, CA – Fullerton Fox Theatre: Curtain may rise in 3 to 5 years

call fultertonFullerton Fox Theatre: Curtain may rise in 3 to 5 years
BY BEVI EDLUND | Published by
MARCH 27, 2013

Despite major renovations to the Fullerton Fox Theatre complex in the past year, Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation president Leland Wilson said it could still be three to five years until the building reopens to the public.

The foundation bought the theater in 2005 and anticipated its construction cost at $10 million. Since then, the price tag has jumped and is estimated to cost about $24 million to restore the theater.

According to former foundation executive director Jon Wagner, the high cost has been due to the amount retrofitting work the structure needs.

To help fund the project, the Foundation has received $2 million in grants from the state and a $6 million loan from the Culture of Redevelopment Agency.

There is also interest in the restaurant space that will help with the funding, said Wilson.

“If the foundation can raise money for the additional work, or receive grants through the state, then it (reopening the theater) will all depend on funding,” said Christine Pilatil, Fullerton city project manager.

Wilson said the theater was shut down by the city in 1987 in part because the owner would not seismically retrofit the theater…
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For more information about The Fox, visit The Fox Theatre, Fullerton website directly.

THS Board Member Gary Lee Parks provided these exterior shots of The Fox Theatre, Fullerton to us in 1996.

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