Greetings From Indianapolis!

Greetings from Indianapolis!  Despite strong early morning thunder and lightning storms, THS members are arriving steadily with more schedule to arrive tomorrow.

Before we start a very special week of travel and fun, there are a few people who deserve special recognition for making this week possible.  The planning team has literally been on the job for 2 years – all for the enjoyment of the 2010 Conclave group.

MIKE HAUSER is the Conclave Chair and spends countless hours tracking down all of the millions of details that make a Conclave happen.   Mike has shepherded the process quietly and professionally.   His oversight makes it all come together!

DR TOM DUBUQUE sat in Mike’s chair for many years and knows all the ins and outs of the conclave planning process.   Tom spent a great deal of time driving our routes and setting up many of the theaters we will see.

ANDY PIERCE and BETH ECKERTY are veterans of the 2003 Chicago Conclave team and to their credit volunteered to take the lead of this one as well.  Andy is actually from Indiana so we know that he chose theaters from the heart.  Beth has been overseeing the bus details as well as managing all the meal options. 

On the homefront, RICHARD SKLENAR keeps all the registration data straight with help from office assistant Freeda, coordinating with Beth.  Believe me, there is a special place in Heaven for those who wrangle the data sheets through this process!

Add to that KEN BLOOM’s work on the Conclave Marquee – with text supplied by Andy – and you’ve got an unbeatable organizational committee!

(If all this sounds like great fun, we want to talk to you!  We would love to discuss a Conclave in your area of the country for a future date. )

Starting on Wednesday, BRIAN WOLF will be blogging daily on our travels to both READERBOARD and FACEBOOK.   Through his observations and photos we hope to let you see all the fun we have on this yearly summer trek.  So keep an eye on this space!

Should our daily reports lead you to decide that you too want to be part of all this fun and excitement – start making plans NOW to join us in 2011 for the Grand Rapids & the Michigan Roads Less Traveled extravaganza.  The 2011 team is already hard at work devising daily routes that will take us to small town movie theaters, opera houses and full-blown palaces throughout the state.   We want YOU to join us!

But for now, watch this space for daily updates and please feel free to post your comments along the way.

– Karen Colizzi Noonan

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