Happy Birthday Empire/Eltinge Theatre – NYC

From our NYC member DEBBIE HUMPHREYS –

Say Happy Birthday to the girls at the Empire.

They are 100 years old today.

The Eltinge (now Empire) opened on September 11, 1912 with

“Within the Law” by Bayard Veiller. It ran for 541 performances!


  1. wayne zimmerman

    Julian Eltinge (born William Jullian Dalton, 1881-1941) was an American stage and screen actor and female impersonator.
    The name Eltinge appears on an outdoor theatre poster in Buster Keaton’s wonderful silent comedy “Seven Chances” but only after Keaton (in searching for a bride) sees the “female” image on the poster and hastens inside the theatre to woo her. Keaton subsequently exits the stage door of the theatre, somewhat bruised and confused, after discovering the “female” is really a man. Today’s audiences don’t know the name Julian Eltinge.

    Fred Astaire, in the early part of the film “The Band Wagon” is seen and heard looking for the Eltinge Theatre in NYC. Again, today’s audiences have no clue of that name.

    Oh well, time passes on. The past is oft forgotten.

  2. Fascinating! Thank you, Wayne!

  3. Gary Parks

    A wonderful way to reuse a theatre when a multiplex is desired and there is sufficient real estate surrounding the original building. Well worth a visit!

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