HIDDEN GEM: Manlius Cinema/Manlius NY


Built in 1918 and still going strong.  Far from a “palace”, but a gem nonetheless!  Showing art films, privately owned.  Affectionately known as “the school bus” for its rather long and narrow auditorium – it’s a staple in the community.

Where’s YOUR hidden gem?  Let us know and we’ll post it!

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  1. Thanks, Karen, for listing our little theatre. I’ve been running the theatre since 1992 and I have been proud to bring independent and foreign language films to Central New York.

  2. S. Bradley Gillaugh

    The Manlius is long, narrow and hardly charming. Though they serve a real purpose bringing art and independent films to the Syracuse area, projection leaves a lot to be desired and the auditorium smelled of mildew the last time I was there.

  3. Barbara Petty

    The Manlius IS long and narrow. There is no question of its dimensions. They serve a true purpose in the arts community. I will insist that the charm exists. It shows itself in the personalities and manner of the owners, Nat Tobin and his extremely delightful and welcoming wife Eileen. Perhaps the interior is not as cozy as a new cineplex but the atmosphere of family and being welcomed is more than enough to ward off any chill from the Syracuse weather.

  4. Greetings to those who adore the cinema! I agree the Art Cinema in Manlius needs something more than a warm welcome to get paying customers into the theatre to watch films. A new updated feel and look along with promotions for teens and young children could only add to its appeal. The other concern is parking, we need a parking lot. Money is the issue, as always. Only time will tell if these necessary changes will take place. We will keep you posted.

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