The Landmark / Mosque in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond Times Dispatch photo

Landmark / Mosque, Richmond VA to get major work

The Landmark / Mosque in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond Times Dispatch photo

Landmark / Mosque Theatre, Richmond VA. shown above in a Richmond Times Dispatch photo

Former THS Board member Jim Johnson of Richmond VA sends this good news about a theatre seen on the 1992 Washington DC and Richmond THS Conclave. As the Mosque it was a Masonic Temple facility, a similar arrangement as the Fox, Atlanta and numerous Temple Theatres. The lodges would use the auditoriums for rituals but show movies at other times. 

RICHMOND, Va. — As early as next month, what will eventually total more than $50 million in renovations could begin to Richmond’s historic Landmark Theater. Built in 1926, the theater formerly known as The Mosque was purchased by the city in the 1940s and got a facelift that was finished in 1995. . . .

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  1. wayne Zimmerman

    Several years ago my wife and I attended a wedding in a church that was just around the corner from The Mosque, although I was not immediately aware that the Mosque bldg was there.
    When I did notice this large building, I walked to it and was most pleasantly surprised to discover that HERE WAS THE MOSQUE!!!
    I went inside, they were getting ready for some sort of male body-building program/competition and I noticed a large covered object to the left of the stage apron. I peeled up the cover (velcro?) and saw the Wurlitzer console!!
    Dusty, dirty, but THERE!!
    On this trip I also met the two fellows who took care of the theatre organ at the former Loew’s Richmond and had a wonderful time playing the iinstrument.
    I hope that the restoration of the Mosque will include the theatre organ. As far as I know it is intact.

    • Robert Pierce

      I used to be a member of the team that maintained the organs at the Byrd, Lowes, and Mosque in the late 1950’s. A dear friend passed away while working alone in the organ blower room on the 7th floor at the Mosque and was not found for several days. I’ve seen Roy Rodgers and Trigger there-Gene Autry, Ice Capades,Nutcracker Suite, Major Ballet performances to name but a few. I too, have played those organs many times. Now a member of The Susquehana Valley Theatre Organ Society.

  2. Tommy Mouro

    I have been going thru some of my mothers belonging’s and found three programs from the Frylics Elinor Fry School of Dance held at the Mosque Theatre. They are for the years of 1938, 1939,1940. Has pictures of children who were in the program. Would like to know if anybody would remember being in it.

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