Lansdowne Theater organ located after 30 years

Lansdowne Theater organ located after 30 years
By Kevin Tustin | Published by
Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An old pipe organ isn’t something that can easily be lost, but the one that used to call the Lansdowne Theater home has finally been found after 30 years.

An extensive search for the theater’s 1927 Kimball pipe organ has led to a storage unit in Phoenix, Ariz., ending a four-year long search by theater volunteers.

The goal of finding the organ wasn’t to bring it back to the theater, which is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation, but to find out simply where it has gone since being removed in the early ‘80s.

“I just wanted some closure,” said theater volunteer Blair “Pepper” Reiley.

Reiley was joined by brothers Lewis and Brandon Wallace, all former projectionists at the Lansdowne Theater, on the curious hunt for the theater staple.

Through online search engines, phone calls, and a newsletter publication, they finally got their answer last month.

A private dealer named Bob Cague from Parowan, Utah, contacted Lew Wallace after seeing a letter that was published in a newsletter for the Valley of the Sun Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society back in July 2011.

Cague had seen the letter that spoke of the 1927 pipe organ and realized that he was the person that had it.

According to Wallace, Cague didn’t have any intention of selling the organ back to the theater, but was planning to bring it up to Utah.
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