Lansdowne Theater receives cash for marquee restoration [Lansdowne, Penn.]

Times Correspondent
Published: Saturday, October 22, 2011

LANSDOWNE — Members of Delaware County Council on Thursday presented a $126,500 grant to the Historic Lansdowne Theater Corp. to fund restoration of the Lansdowne Theater’s marquee.

“This is certainly a cultural and historic landmark here in Delaware County,” council Chairman John Whelan said, as officials and theater fans gathered to celebrate the award.

“We hope getting this marquee back up in lights will be just one step in the renovation and reopening of this remarkable building,” said Whelan, a Republican running for district attorney next month.

Planned improvements will bring the marquee closer to its appearance during the theater’s heyday, when it displayed bold block letters and the signature blue neon scripted “L.”

Additionally, 98 LED bulbs will replace original incandescents, a plus for energy efficiency. The grant will also cover costs of matching and repairing original glass, repainting, rewiring and more.

Efforts to restore the old theater to its former glory led to formation of the Lansdowne Theater Corp. in 2005. Since taking ownership of the property in 2007, the corporation has carried out roof repairs, installed fire-detection systems and temporary lighting, and spruced up adjacent retail and office space occupied by Regency Cafe and Cinema 16:9.

But with the theater’s interior largely unchanged, there’s still a long way to go. …

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