Loew’s Pitkin/Brooklyn NY

via New York city member Biff Buttler. THS holds the original rendering of the Pitkin from Thomas Lamb’s office .

Loew’s Pitkin, Famed Movie Palace, To Get New Life  

by Raanan Geberer Published online 07-14-2010 


From ‘Wonder Theater’ To Charter School  

By Raanan Geberer
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

BROWNSVILLE / Brooklyn NY — Once, the building at 1501 Pitkin Ave. was the opulent Loew’s Pitkin, a 2,827-seat theater designed for both movies and stage shows.  

Now, after years of blight, it will be transformed into the new home for the Ascend Charter School, with stores on the ground floor. The $45 million project should be finished within 18 months, according to Ken Olson, CEO of Poko Partners, the owner and developer. . . . . ..  

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  1. Manny Molho

    Brownsville, was the next move up and away from the Lower East Side, when groups of Jews moved away. Pitkin Avenue was silent and all stores closed on Saturday. Under the then Sunday closure laws it was exempt being the recognized Jewish alternative

  2. I grew up in the 1940s, a short walk away from the LP, on Sterling Place nr. Eastern Parkway. My memories of Pitkin Avenue itself, & the Loew’s Pitkin in particular mark what in retrospect, although certainly not at the time, was the paradisal Garden of childhood.

    The theatre – live floor shows accompanied the screenings! – was in all respects an elegant Movie Palace, a true escape from the far from glamorous reality off the lively avenue.

    My primary concern, though when going to the Pitkin, centered upon how I was going to afford the 90 cents adult admission charge when I grew up.

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