Bill Ikert and Kay, his bride of 64 years.

Longest serving volunteer Bill Ikert celebrates birthday

Bill Ikert and Kay, his bride of 64 years.

Our longest-serving volunteer (well over 25 years) is Bill Ikert. He started when we were located in the church basement in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. There, he and others such as Miles Solle, George Quirk, and Don Cameron (all gone now) helped the late Bill Benedict create a physical presence for a headquarters and archives for THS.  This was a huge step forward in legitimizing the organization.  After retiring from accounting Bill would commute by bus and L on Tuesdays  from the home in Elmhurst where he and wife Kay raised their family. He continued to be a regular on Tuesdays after THS moved to Elmhurst not far from his home until about 4 months ago when the stairs got to be too much for him.  The guys would do their work at the church but break for lunch with Sophie who cooked bigos and other Polish specialities at her  BusyBee Restaurant around the corner.

THS Director Richard Sklenar recently took Bill and Kay to lunch (alas, no bigos) to mark Bill’s birthday. He will be 89 years old on March 31.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL AND MANY MORE from all your THS friends! Thanks for all your help!  See you in Sacramento for Conclave !

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  1. Happy Birthday Bill! We truly appreciate your many years of service and support – you made a big difference for THS!

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