Mark it on your calendars — PALACE PREMIERE

palaceMark it on your calendars!

When: Sunday, May 5, 2013
Where: Carlisle Theatre, PA

On Sunday, May 5, the Palace premiere will be held at the Carlisle Theatre, PA at 7:15 p.m. With more than 900 available seats, the theatre is expected to bring a large crowd with free admission. Donations will be collected at the event, half of which will go to the Carlisle Theatre’s Save the Carlisle campaign and the other half to Messiah College’s Film Department.

“We hope that people will find themselves generous that evening because the donations will go to two great causes,” says Vega.

They will also be selling copies of the Palace on DVD and Bluray, as well as Palace T-shirts and other merchandise. For people who donated to the Indiegogo campaign, their incentives will be also available that evening.


palace vimeo

To view the Palace trailer, click on the image.

“The story behind Palace was inspired by the current industry changes threatening old movie theaters,” says director and producer Rolando Vega. “The transition from celluloid film to digital cinema is severely affecting older movie theaters. Palace points us to the cinema of the past and reminds us of that one moment and place when we fell in love with movies.”

The Carlisle Theatre closed in 1986, but the Carlisle Regional Performing Arts Center restored and reopened the building in 1993. It serves the community through the showing of films, performing arts, concerts and other events. Downtown Carlisle would not be the same without the treasured theatre and its history with the community.

Palace is a film about the human connection to art, specifically cinematic art, and how it can change us, especially at a younger age. It outlines the beauty of how a movie palace can be a magical place that interconnects multiple generations through their mutual passion for films. It is a constant reminder that even though we are all different, movies can bring people together.”

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