Marlow Cinema 6 Reopens Under New Management [Temple Hills, Maryland]

March 6, 2012 — /PRNewswire/

Phoenix Big Cinemas Marlow Cinema 6 will reopen to the public on Friday, March 9 after being closed for a short time. During the temporary closure, the property underwent some changes including the introduction of Phoenix Big Cinemas Management to operate and manage the cinema. … Additionally, in the upcoming months the property will also be equipped with brand new Digital Projection, Digital 3D, new cinema seating and undergo other internal improvements.

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  1. With all due respect, what does the reopening of another giga-plex have to do with THS? Someday these places will be torn down (in one day), and no one will care. Lift slab construction is quick and dirty and easy to demolish.

    How is the Tennessee Theatre doing in downtown Knoxville? That would be interesting. A nice Rapp & Rapp house.

  2. It opened in 1963 as a single screener,
    But, I agree it doesn’t belong here as it isn’t historic enough to interest THSA members.

  3. “History is what happened yesterday.”

    The THEATRE Historical Society is the only organization in the US that exists solely to document, record and preserve the architectural, cultural and social history of America’s theatres. That includes vaudeville houses, opera houses, glamor palaces, neighborhood jewels and yes, folks, multiplexes. No distinction is drawn between the form or format of the theater. We have documented and assisted theaters that reside within the walls of educational institutions, fraternal halls, municipal buildings and adaptive reuse stages. We don’t get to pick which direction “theater” goes in – we just pledge to record it accurately and let history interpret the “value” of each to the larger picture.

    Should anyone contribute an update on the on-going project at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville it will certainly be promptly posted and all postings are added to our subject/theater files. Keep those links and photos coming!

  4. Bob Headley

    Of course information on current megaplexes deserves to be included here. We have no idea what will happen to these buildings and they do represent the iconic theaters of the late 1990s and early 2000s. As Karen says above, it’s our duty to record everything.

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