Members’ Theatres?

KEN BLOOM, THS Publications Director, has given the green light to a 2011 Marquee issue highlighting theaters owned by our members.  This is a project that I am personally very interested in and am very happy that Ken has blocked out an entire issue for it.

We are looking for theaters that are owned and/or operated by our THS members.  The theaters of Willis & Shirley Johnson were featured in an entire issue of Marquee recently.  But who else is out there? 

Reply to this post with your suggestions and we will contact them to see if they would like to put together an article with photos for the Special Issue.

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  1. I would be happy to do an article on our 1938 art deco Dells Theatre at Dell Rapids, SD.

  2. We have our first nomination! Thansk Jeff! For everyone else, here’s a link to their photo page:

  3. Gary Parks

    There’s our longtime member Allen Michaan, who today has the Grand Lake, the Orinda, and the Alameda Base (Auctions By the Bay) theatres. Over the years, he’s also operated:
    RIALTO, Berkeley
    FINE ARTS, Berkeley
    OAKS, Berkeley
    EL REY, Walnut Creek
    PARK, Lafayette
    OPERA PLAZA, San Francisco
    YORK, San Francisco
    PAGODA, San Francisco
    PARK, Menlo Park
    GUILD, Menlo Park
    STANFORD, Palo Alto
    FINE ARTS, Palo Alto
    …and I’m sure I’m still leaving something out.

  4. Hi Ken, I own and operate the Grand 15 Theatres in Bismarck, ND and would be able to do an article on it for you. Previously I had sent the story with photos that had appeared in Boxoffice Magazine last fall, but never heard back. Sincerely, Jerry Brekke

  5. Thanks Jerry!
    Readers: Be sure to check out the Grand 15 at

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