Movie Poster Collection For Sale

I received word that there is a large movie poster collection up for sale and looking for a good home. Due to the volume of the collection and THS’s limited space as well as THS’s policies, THS is not interested in purchasing this collection. (Movie posters do not correspond with the primary scope of the Archives as laid out in the THS Collection Policy and/or for THS’s main purpose as laid out in Article II Section 1 of the THS Bylaws.)

However, some of you may find this interesting and/or know of a good home for these posters. THS has no connection with the seller. Please direct any questions, comments, etc. about the collection to the seller. Contact information is below.

–Kathy McLeister, MLIS
THS Archive Director

We’ve launched! The world’s largest movie poster archive has launched a worldwide campaign to find the right person or entity to own and attach their name to the over 12,000 posters represented in the collection. The Archive is appraised at $3.5M.

We want this one-of-a-kind Archive to live on and be accessible to movie goers as a lasting legacy for years to come. If you are interested in finding out how this can work for you or if you know potential buyers, contact us at posterboss @ or by phone at 773-525-9152.

www. dwightclevelandposterarchive. com

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  1. Mitchell

    Whoever appraised that collection must have fallen no their head. It is not worth anywhere near 3.5 million. In fact, I doubt it is worth even 1/2 a million. Of course I could be wrong, but I think they are in for a rude surprise.

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