Northwest Chicago Film Society announces additional films at the Portage Theater

nrthwestThe Northwest Chicago Film Society is proud to announce its eighth, extra-educational season, which will run from May 1 to August 28 at the historic, newly renovated Portage Theater. Building upon its specialty of screening strange films in beautiful 35mm prints (and, occasionally, beautiful films in strange prints), the Northwest Chicago Film Society’s summer season will span more than six decades of cinema history–from 1929’s sci-fi pacifist paean HIGH TREASON to Jim Jarmusch’s laconic post-acid, post-Western DEAD MAN (1995). You’ll get something different every week—and, with our newly expanded calendar, you can even get something different twice a week!

All films are screened from authentic, industrial-strength 35mm film prints and preceded by a parade of film ephemera: trailers, cartoons, short subjects, and public service announcements. The Film Society aims to mix established classics with movies as you’ve never seen them before—new restorations, forgotten films unavailable on DVD or Hulu, and dreamy original Technicolor prints. We’ll see you at the movies.

Season highlights include:

THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE (5/1) – John Ford’s classic western, back on the big screen.

PORTRAIT OF JASON (5/29) – Chicago premiere of newly-restored, avant-garde LGBT landmark. Co-presented by Black Cinema House and Reeling.

HEAT LIGHTNING (6/26) – Scorching pre-Code entertainment. Introduced by New Yorker staff writer Margaret Talbot, daughter of Warner Bros. mainstay Lyle Talbot and author of the new book The Entertainer: Movies, Magic, and My Father’s Twentieth Century.

GAMES (7/3) – Macabre horror from director Curtis Harrington. Co-presented with Drag City, publishers of Harrington’s posthumous memoir, Nice Guys Don’t Work in Hollywood

THE INTRUDER (8/14) – Captain Kirk as a white supremacist in a 35mm print from the Academy Film Archive. See it!

Where: The Portage Theater (4050 N. Milwaukee Ave.)
When: 7:30pm, Mondays and Wednesdays, May 1 thru August 28
Admission: $5

For a full calendar of events, visit their website directly:


The Northwest Chicago Film Society makes rare and classic films available to local audiences in their original forms—on 35mm and 16mm motion picture film. Our screenings spotlight the restoration efforts of archives, studios, and private collectors, as well as the experience of seeing films projected in a theater with an audience. Through an array of program notes, blog entries, and introductory remarks before each screening, the Northwest Chicago Film Society endeavors to bring new notions of the cultural and material history of cinema to the public. The Northwest Chicago Film Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It was established by Julian Antos, Becca Hall, and Kyle Westphal in 2011.

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