Oakland Fox Theatre: Facts Responding to Audit Concerns

We recently shared a newspaper story questioning the costs associated with the restoration of the Oakland Fox Theatre, it should be noted that our intention was only to transmit a news report. It should not be inferred that THS shares or endorses any opinion put forth unless we specifically state as such.

The movers behind the Oakland Theatre and the Oakland City Administrators have posted their response to the opinion put forth in the article and we urge you to review them at http://philtagami.wordpress.com/ to fairly evaluate the full scope of facts.

There is no doubt that the restoration and reopening of this magnificent theater has spurred a dramatic revival of the city center. Those of us who were fortunate enough to tour the project in process in 2008 saw first hand the high level of attention being given not only to historical accuracy but to the state-of-the-art technical enhancements included as well.

In 2009, THS honored Phil Tagami with its Honorary Member of the Year Award in appreciation of his efforts to restore an iconic Great American Theater.

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  1. Robert P Duvall

    After reading the response to the audit report regarding the Fox in Oakland, As a former financial controller for over 30 years, it appears to me that some one needs to audit the auditor. As a corporate controller, each year when our companies were audited, it was my job to teach the new auditors, that each and every company, organization, etc was different and unique. Yes accounting is accounting, debits on the left, credits on the right, but there wasn’t a text book written that would cover every situation and company. They had to learn and understand, what worked best for the organization under audit. Seems to me this audit group did not quite understand that concept.

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