Old, abandoned buildings: Cool or creepy?

LET ME EXPLAIN!  The blog site we use, Word Press, is ever-so-helpful in suggesting topics that might make for an interesting post and I just had to laugh out loud at this “suggestion” that popped up today!

First of all – like we NEED suggestions for topics!  That seems to be one thing that THS-ers never run out of.

Second – what a FUNNY topic to be posting!!  Any THS-er worth their popcorn box would of course say COOL or perhaps WAY COOL since the “derelicts” and otherwise neglected theaters are tantamount to finding King Tut’s Tomb, right?!

But just thought i would share this Sunday morning laugh with you – comment as you wish!

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  1. Gary Parks

    Yet more validation of why I remain interested in both Theatres AND Egyptology!

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