ORGAN EVENT! Sat Sept 8 in Syracuse NY – MARK HERMAN!

Join the ESTMIM group as they welcome
ATOS Organist of the Year MARK HERMAN!

Saturday, September 8th
2:30 PM at the New York State Fairgrounds
Admission is FREE for Members, $15 Non Members

Ask how you can JOIN & SUPPORT the Empire State Organ club at the door! Or contact Phil Edwards at


  1. Roger Inkpen, pipe organ tech.

    This is terrific news to have so talented and now popular a theatre organist play at a state fair. I wonder what the organ will be, electronic?? I was at the ATOS convention in LA after the THS Conclave and attended the banquet where Mark’s “Organist of the Year” award was given. He’s very active in ATOS and a terrific young man/organist!!

  2. Roger, The organ is a Wurlitzer, taken from the RKO Keiths in Syracuse before its demolition. From the ESTMIM Website: The museum’s centerpiece is the Opus 1143 Wurlitzer Unit Orchestra, AKA, The Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ! It was made in N. Tonawanda NY in 1925 and installed in the B.F. (RKO) Keiths Theatre in downtown Syracuse. Since we are a historical museum, the organ is maintained to it’s original specifications, and as close to original as possible.This organ is the last of over 18 originally installed in various theatres in Syracuse, New York.

  3. ALSO: the concert is not part of the New York State Fair activities, although they DO have organ concerts scheduled as part of their activity in the New Times Theater in the Art & Home Center building where the organ is installed. The organ in on the first floor and on the second floor is the ESTMIM museum of rare antique pianos and organs. In addition to the RKO Keith’s museum filled with artifacts rescued from the theater prior to demolition.

    • Roger Inkpen, pipe organ tech.

      Thanks Karen! All great info and I appreciate all your detail on this! Cheers! I hope it’s a terrific event!

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