Pittsburgh, KS — Renovation begins on theater’s east facade

Renovation begins on theater’s east facade
March 15, 2013

Work began Thursday on the east facade of the historic Colonial Fox Theatre and it should make a visible difference in the appearance of the building over the next couple weeks.

The project is one of the more publicly visible parts of Phase 5 of the renovation process and, while it won’t be the end of the exterior work, it will help.“It means we’re gong to be exposing some details that aren’t currently visible,” said public relations and marketing director Sarah Jensen.

She said the word has gotten out that progress is happening on the theatre, but that this will help it to seem more real.

“There’s word everywhere, but they don’t see everything,” Jensen said.
Heikes Masonry and Restoration is doing the facade work, and owner Derek Heikes said they are prepping to tuckpoint the east facade.

“We’ll be on the front of this building for probably two and a half weeks,” Heikes said.

He said Thursday’s work included removing mortar from between terra cotta stones, and the building also will be washed at a time in the near future when the temperature is above freezing at 4 a.m. so it can be done when there is minimal traffic.

“It could be as soon as tomorrow morning,” Heikes said Thursday.
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