The State Theatre, South Bend, Indiana. Indiana Landmarks photo.

Planning under way for State, South Bend, Indiana reuse

The State Theatre, South Bend, Indiana. Indiana Landmarks photo.

SOUTH BEND, Indiana — Drew Elegante walks through the vacant State Theatre and sees the old movie house as it might be — brought back to life. THS saw this theatre during our  2010 Indianapolis area Conclave / Theatre Tour. Here’s the link :,0,7654648,full.story


  1. wayne zimmerman

    A “brew and view”?? WTF!! UGH!!
    Maybe I’m just getting too old and set in my ways. Obviously I don’t have the same visions that do the younger folks. A vintage theatre should be a place to pay attention to what is happening on the stage or screen, not a venue to chew, chat and drink during the program.

  2. The “theater cafe” programming instituted at the Commodore Theater in Portsmouth Virginia saved that theater from closing and it thrives under that operational model. It can be argued that if the Senator Theater in Baltimore had chosen to follow that model it might not have fallen into its current condition. Sometimes there needs to be a give and take in order to ensure that a theater remains standing.

  3. wayne zimmerman

    Please excuse my “WTF” comment in my previous post. Certainly not appropriate.
    I’m still not in favor of food and drink inside a gorgeous, old movie palace. The architecture, plaster, terra cotta, marble, drapes, etc. in addition to what is happening on the stage should be more than sufficient sustenance to maintain a patron for several hours.
    Perhaps I’m wrong??

  4. Thank you for your comments, Wayne. We know many folks who share your feelings and we respect your right to voice your opinion. At THS we respect and value all feedback, however items posted in the comments section do not necessarily reflect the views of THS, our board or management team.

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