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Rendering of the Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR / image from theatre's website

Portland, OR – Hollywood Theatre reaches fundraising goal for 1926 replica marquee

Rendering of the Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR / image from theatre's website

Rendering of the Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR / image from the theatre’s website

By Larry Bingham, The Oregonian 
Updated December 12, 2012 at 10:14 AM

The historic Hollywood Theatre in Northeast Portland has reached a Kickstarter goal to raise $55,000. The money, coupled with other donations and grants, will replace the leaking, crumbling 1970s marquee with a $126,000 replica of the 1926 original.

The campaign reached its goal Tuesday, seven days before the Dec. 18 deadline. If the goal wasn’t met by the deadline, the theatre would not have received any of the pledged money. Nearly 1,000 donors have made contributions so far.

Though the goal was met, the theatre hopes patrons and supporters will continue to donate. Another $25,000 will help maintain the new marquee, pay for light bulbs and any unexpected construction costs.

The campaign is the latest in a wave of improvements, from installation of new seats, a new screen, and sound system, at the popular movie palace.


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  1. Gary Parks

    While nearly any kind of marquee would be an improvement on what the Hollywood currently has, it is wonderful to see the rendering of such a nice design, and apparently faithful to the original. The original vertical sign was restored several years ago. I’ve seen that and it’s enchanting. Looking forward to seeing the marquee next time I’m in Portland, which is probably a few years off.

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