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2013 | Annual No. 40


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Digital PDF Download of the 2013 Annual, No. 40:

“Theatres have long held a hallowed position in towns across America. Considered as important as a firehouse or a post office, a theatre not only presented performers or showed films but acted as a civic gathering place where the community could interact in sharing good times.

Many of these often small local theatres have been lost to time and the convenience of in-home entertainment technology. Indeed, some were intended to be ephemeral: simple building shells where one could enjoy a movie on a balmy summer night at a coastal resort. In the end, their only remnant is in the memories of the people who frequented them and mute artifacts that reside in historical archives that document their former days.

This year’s Annual pays homage to a selection of those small theatres seen through the medium of the M-G-M Collection in the Theatre Historical Society’s American Theatre Architecture Archive. Each of its file cards presents a theatre’s salient information–its age, size, condition, competitors and character of patronage. Each includes a record photograph of the theatre itself. The collection covers the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

The cards presented here, a small selection of the more than 600 that comprise the collection, depict theatres that no longer exist..”


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