Chicago's Ramova Theatre gets City grant. Image Credit: Mindaugas Danys

Ramova, Chicago gets stabilization money

Chicago’s Ramova Theatre gets City grant. Image Credit: Mindaugas Danys

Image Credit: Mindaugas Danys

Work has begun on stabilizing the outside facade of the long-dormant Ramova Theatre on South Halsted Street in Chicago.  Chicago THS member Jim Indreika kindly translated a lot of material about the theatre from the Draugas, a Lithuanian language newspaper.  The theatre was funded by that community. Thanks to Biff Buttler in New York for this link.


  1. Freeda

    The Ramova Theatre is one of THS Member, Vince Castro’s favorite theatres.

  2. Chris Carlo

    Eighty year old Terra Cotta façades are dangerous to the man on the street. Terra Cotta façade maintenance at the Music Box as part of our new lease was one of the numerous reasons that, after 22 years, Bob & I did not sign said lease. (The other was the imminent and expensive change in film format to digital.) I hope that there is enough money to re-roof the auditorium and lobby and heat the place during Chicago’s freezing weather. One unheated year and the interiors will look like the Uptown’s Grand Staircase with it’s fallen-in walls cascaded with wet plaster. The last time we were in the Ramova the “sky” was falling. In the years that we have been approached to “save the Ramova” we ascertained that is was too big (1500 seat) and the neighborhood too in flux to ever be a movie theatre again. The venue has been closed for 30 years and is stripped. Hopefully, what plaster decoration that remains can be repurposed into a neighborhood center, or as was done in San Francisco and Berkeley CA, a grocery store in what is pretty much one of Chicago’s food deserts. Like the Music Box, The Ramova was built for those new fangled sound films; it has no stage.
    Chris Carlo

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